Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We're pro parents

Maybe you guys are wondering why it's been a long time now. I haven't talk about our baby Aaron's Doctor's appointment. It's because we're pro parents according to our doctor LOL. We are raising our baby Sarah and Aaron good. Aaron gained some weight last time we went to the doctor and she said everything is well to him. Then, she said you guys are pro parents already and i don't need to see you as often. I'll see you after a month or two and this will be this Nov.9th. It's Sarah and Aaron's next doctor's appointment. They are both on the same day but not at the same time of course. Sarah at 1:45pm and Aaron at 2:00pm. We did schedule their doctor's appointment just for one day because my husband's working two jobs and i think this is the only date or day available to him this Nov. that he could take us to the doctor to have our kids check up.

Anyway, i am glad i got over with the fever i had last few days. Oh that wasn't nice or good at all. Our two babies are affected when I was sick. You know why? it's because i cant taking care of them very well once I'm sick and babies really needs their mom even if they have their daddy who takes care of them. It's too hard for the mom to be sick kasi still mom mag alaga sa sa mga bata. Baby or babies needs mom gyud. So to all moms out there be careful not be sick kasi ang hirap...