Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aaron's new photos

Look! what I did to him I made him mostly black and white color LOL. Well, I just wanted to try a new styles of sharing pictures hehe, and that's all the best I could do. I know some of you guys are very good about scrapping and some other stuff. But me I know nothing about scrapping. I know few things but not scrap. Anyway, glad I able to download some Aaron's pic's this afternoon because he and Sarah were both sleeping. One thing I hate about when I download pictures is our computer connection is so slow. It seems like it takes forever downloading few pictures. But it's ok I just need to bear it as long as I can share some photos of our babies with you. It's my pleasure to show you their pictures and your pleasure too to see them. Anyway, I took all that pictures of him after I gave him a bathed in the morning and dressed him. It was hot weather so I dressed him for summer cloth and I didn't wrapped him any blanket. Ok guys hope you like the pictures. I maybe share some more after we meet the sister, brother of my father in law with some other relatives. Maybe this coming saturday we gonna meet them at Chinese Restaurant. Ok guys, this is all for now bye2x and have a nice night!

He He in all pictures here the first one is the smallest LOL. I couldn't understand why because I did cropped them the same size. Maybe that's just the way it is hehe.


juliet said...

ur baby boy is such a cutie...and i feel missing my boys when they were babies...heheh...

thanks 4 sharing his pix...take care!