Friday, October 26, 2007

They cancelled Sarah's appointment

Nothing happened they cancelled Sarah's appointment for evaluation check. I was so excited to know the result but when they came back home from her appointment. I just know that they cancelled her appointment. My husband asked the lady who were there at the School when they arrived why they didn't call us to let us know that they cancelled the evaluation check for Sarah. My husband said she acted like oh I don't know then later she said oh! we could have people to come to your house and do evaluation check on her. I think my husband disagreed and he told me we will just forget it because they were so bad and they weren't sure about it LOL. They just went there for nothing. Much better if they did evaluate her but they didn't so there's nothing we can do. I guess we'll just forget about it. Sorry guys if i made you excited too but i didn't expect this was gonna happen. It made me sad after i know her appointment was cancelled and i don't think we can have evaluation check on her anymore. Ok guys till next time night sa inyo and sweet dreams!!!