Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy sunday!

Hello everyone happy sunday! Anyway, how's your sunday going? Mine is always busy weekend or not still the same busy here busy there LOL. I'm just starting my day today with vacuuming our floor. Our house is looking so nasty because Sarah is making a mess everyday. So I decided to clean up today because I'm also uneasy if i look our house is unclean so here i am cleaning our house. Although I know I'm lack of sleep and need to catch up my sleep. But hopefully I can get done with my cleaning here soon so that I can take a nap the rest of the day. Oh! have seen my page rank here? I was surprised to know that my page rank here is 4. In fact, i had 1 page rank before i started doing the PPP but then it disappeared when i was always changing my template. I'm not sure exactly what did i do wrong why they got my 1 page rank. But thankfully I have pr again and it's pr 4 LOL. It's not updated yet to PPP though and hopefully they'll update it soon. I have been waiting for a long time to have my page rank again and glad it's finally arrived hehe. Well guys, i need to end up my message here. Need to take a nap after cleaning the house. Bye see you tomorrow!