Monday, October 22, 2007

*Heres the pictures*

Lizzie Ann-my father in law's sister

Lizzie Ann-my father in law's sister

Catherine- my father in law's sister in law

Sarah, my father in law with his sister and sister in law

Here we are except my husband. He was the photographer to us LOL. Anyway, that guy holding Aaron's car seat is my father in law's brother and the girl in front who put Aaron's car seat on her lap is his wife.

Ok guys, these are the pictures i took on Saturday during our meeting. You can recognize them because i put their names under their pictures. Ok hope you enjoy watching the photos!!! Have a good monday!


recel said...

wow!!! maayo kay naka-get together mo Nor. at least ba.. nakagawas sa balay bisan panagsa! i can tell how those old folks love ur kids very much!

regards.. kisses to ur adorable bulilits!

MariK said...

Hi Norrrr, you sure have a lot of in-laws, in-laws. haha! Thats nice that your kids have a lot of relatives there. when my kids were young, we have to schedule their doctors appts back-to-back also. that way, we dont waste time having to go back to the doctors again. My kids are only 15 months apart. take care & have fun this halloween with your babies.