Friday, October 19, 2007

Looking for cheap car insurance?

It's good to have insurance any insurance we got could help us. We have some insurance like Home insurance , Car insurance and life insurance. Our home and car insurance are so costly though it's more than a thousands per year and we're paying it per year. That's why we're so broke sometimes during summer because we are paying our car and home insurance that time. Then my husband's just working one job during summer. Oh, my it's so very expensive to live here in US hehe. Anyway, my husband had a deer accidents before on his way back home. It was night time and he didn't know or see the deer. The deer suddenly hit the front of our car while it's running. It's needed fix so we brought our car to the automotive to have it fix. Luckily, the insurance paid most of it and we just paid the rest. We were happy because we couldn't pay big. That's why it's better to have insurance so that if we have car accidents or else it won't be too hard for us because we have insurance to help us pay. Are you guys don't have car insurance? and wanted to have one? Here's the website I found where you can get cheap car insurance. You know it's always nice if we can have cheap car insurance because our car insurance is so expensive and we can hardly pay it LOL. If somebody is looking for cheap car insurance please check out their website in here.


Rodger said...

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