Friday, October 19, 2007

Credit cards

I have so many credit cards in my wallet my husband gave it to me. Almost every time he order one for him he also order one for me LOLL. But, I don't usually use mine because he said I'll just use my credit cards if it is emergency needs. So, I agreed because he's giving me cash per month to shop. Plus, we are always together to go anywhere, to go eat or go shopping unless if he'll go to work I can't go with him he he. If we'll go shopping and I could find things I want to buy like foods, clothes and etc. He's the one to pay for it so I could never have to use my credit cards a lot. Maybe just one time when I was there in Philippines we went to eat dinner at bay view hotel and he asked me to pay our dinner using the credit card he gave to me and that was it.

Balance transfers means to pay off one credit to another credit card for example we have a $1000 in our one credit card and the other card has only $300. So we can transfers the $200 to the other card to make it $500... Anyway, we need to have a credit card comparison to compare rate or compare points /miles to see which one we like the best. Which one has low interest or high interest.