Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I love PPP

Oh! I love PPP so much because of this I able to earn money for my personal use, to buy cam corder and more even I'm just staying home with our kids. I'm earning money everyday by doing PPP and this is what I love the best earning money online while I'm just staying home. PPP is the best way to make money online and I am so very grateful to PPP because of the PPP I have almost enough money to buy a cam corder. In fact, before I gave birth our second baby I was planning to buy a cam corder so that we can video our baby Aaron at the hospital. But unfortunately my money in PPP wasn't enough yet to buy a cam corder. So, I'm just waiting and waiting until my money in PPP will become big and enough to buy the cam corder I want. Maybe soon I can buy the cam corder because I just need one hundred dollars more in my PPP account then I can buy the cam corder. Huh! I'm so very excited.

Anyway, I signed for PPP because I needed money and PPP is one of the way that I can earn and make money online. While I'm just staying home and can't find a job. I have heard the PPP from my Sister Ana. She told me to sign up for it since I needed money and want to make money online. So I did and I am very happy I did signed up for it. I made some friends too by blogging and it makes me enjoy meeting some friends from different countries.

Well, after I buy the cam corder I want to save more money for me to take a vacation in Philippines. I just have been here for almost two years now but I missed my homeland already. Hope someday I can take a vacation there with my kids and husband. Thanks PPP for letting me earn the money from you...your so good. Love you hehe.