Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's nice to start the day...

I am glad I grabbed one PPP already in this early in the morning because yesterday i waited and waited that they'll put some but they never do. They just put very few and i couldn't grab them. Poor Nora hehe. I was so sad because i stayed online for a long time and i got nothing PPP LOL. But today seems like my lucky day. Hopefully i could get some more PPP later. They just put some not long ago but all i got is one hehe because after i submitted the one i got when i came back to PPP box they were all taken grrrrr. So do you think im lucky today?

Right now, Aaron is sleeping and Sarah is wide awake. She's roaming around here in our front room and dining room. A few minutes ago she made a messed she got the hooks in the drawer that we used to hang the christmas decorations and scattered them on the floor. Hey! it makes me mad and i put her in time out. I need to take her out soon though and feed her lunch. So bye2x for now. I got to do what i have to do..have a nice wednesday!


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Hi Nor,

Good thing you can grab a lot of opps. I've been waiting the whole day but nothing comes up. hehehe.

Take care always