Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I cut her bangs

Her best smile or laugh I've ever seen

Playing with her small car

My husband looks so very happy holding our baby girl

My husband trying to make her smile on the camera because sometimes she won't cooperate when we take pictures of her. She wants to turn her head, run away or just be serious. But, fortunately i able to get few pictures of her that she's so very smiling and happy see. Anyway, she's 16 months old now and 11 days. Imagine i gave birth on her on Sept.20, 2006 and she's a big girl now. She's growing so fast, healthy and strong. Thanks to God. Oh! have you notice Sarah's bangs? It's her new look now. I cut her bangs last few weeks ago because it was covering her face and eyes. So how she look? For me she looks very good with her bangs cut than without cut. I am not a barber and I'm not very good at cutting her but hopefully i did alright cutting her bangs. Ok guys, i don't have much to say here so bye for now. Kisses to you. I maybe share Aaron's pic's next maybe this week or weekend. Enjoy the pic's.


Francine said...

shes very cute! like mother like daughter jud

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

hi Nor! Your daughter looks so lovely. you did a good job in cutting her bangs.