Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bronzed Baby Shoes Are BACK!

Hey guys, you know I have a baby who is almost six months old now and Sarah is almost two years old too. You know we're always taking pictures of the kids to try to remember all the stages they go through as they grow. Well I found a new web site that can help us and you do that in a different way. How cool would it be if you could keep your child's favorite pair of baby shoes for them forever well bronzed shoes make keepsakes that generate happy memories every time you look at them. Now it's your turn to continue the tradition or start one of your own. We have been saving Sarah's baby shoes in a box but didn't really know what to do with them. I just knew it might be cool someday if I had them to show to her when she was all grown up. Well, now we can save both Sarah's and Aaron's shoes in a special beautiful way that they will love to see when they get older. Maybe you might like to visit there web page at bronzing and maybe make your child's shoes last a life time for them. They have a special offer right now too. Only $39.95 for bronzing baby shoes and you can add personalization with your baby's first name and date of birth for $7.00 more. Since 1934 they've bronzed over 14 million shoes so you know they're a good and reliable company. There is a special code that gives you an extra $5 off your order. Write “48FA03 - $5.00 OFF” above the date on the order form. "This is a special discount only available to those who read their blog and who write that code on their order forms. If like me you think you might want to save your child's special baby shoes in bronze then visit there web site at and give them a try.