Thursday, April 03, 2008

We have been trouble with our server performance and as you all know I'm blogging. I just noticed it today that I'm not contented with my sites performance. I'd like my sites to be more beautiful and unique looking. Glad I found something that I think it could help me. To improve my sites and our server performance. This site called iWebTrack's hosted web analytics solution is an affordable, effective, and efficient Website Tracking tool offering many unique features. It's great and I'm thinking of buying it. I'm sure sure my husband will agree to it when I tell him how great, effective, affordable, and efficient web tracking tool it is. That is offering many unique features. iWebTrack customers can schedule daily email management and SMS text reporting as well as access statistic reports through AIM™. As an authorized user, you simply send a command to iWebTrack over AOL™ instant messenger and receive instant, real-time statistical summaries in a matter of seconds. iWebTrack™ TOGO is a light weight version of iWebTrack’s web interface. Designed specifically for your Palm, iPAQ, Blackberry, cell phone or any PDA that is accessible to the Internet, iWebTrack™ TOGO allows you to access real-times stats from anywhere.

iWebTrack uses a javascript code to track site visitors to avoid underreporting since it is estimated that approximately 35% of Internet surfers block cookies. They also offer free website monitoring with no added fee. iWebTrack understands the importance of site monitoring, so free web-site monitoring is included in all web analytics packages. In addition to website monitoring, iWebTrack provides free traffic alerts. By simply enabling this feature, we will send you an alert whenever your traffic hits an uncharacteristic high or low. iWebTrack offers one all inclusive plan that gives you access to every feature regardless of your monthly rate. Manage multiple web-sites under one iWebTrack account, at no extra charge. Take advantage of their free 30 day trial today and see what iWebTrack can do for you!