Sunday, April 20, 2008

My First Photo Creations

This is my first photo creations for my babies pictures. I took these pictures of them last week. In fact, I already shared that pictures of Sarah with you before but glad to share it with you again. In different way or styles of sharing their photos. Ok, guys this is it for now. Enjoy their pics and enjoy your sunday!

Anyway, we had nice day yesterday we went shopping and we went to eat two times lol. First we went to home town for breakfast then at Ryan's restaurant for lunch. My husband doesn't like Ryan's that much but we went their anyway because we met his friends there. His friends don't know anything about computer so he has to teach them how lol. They wanted to apply for a job at U of I and they needed to do an online application but since they have no experience to do that he had to show them how to do it.