Saturday, April 12, 2008

Finally our shopping is done and we're back home now

Boy it was a long day for us but I'm glad it's over now. We bought some grocery's and I bought some summer clothes for Sarah and Aaron. I bought summer stuff for them but I could not buy for myself. Why because I didn't have a chance to shop for myself. Aaron was so very grouchy when we reached Walmart he wanted to be held all the time and he cries when we put him down. I was holding him almost the whole time we were shopping in Walmart. My husband took time to hold him but he couldn't hold him for a long time like I do. My husband has a sore back so it's hard for him to carry the kids for a long time. I could not stand to hear Aaron's crying I held him until we got done shopping lol. Too bad I could not buy any summer stuff for me because that was one of my goals for my shopping today. But, it's ok there's still sometime for me to shop for myself. Anyway, it was raining on our way back home I'm sure the soil is very wet and muddy again. Oh! I hate rainy and winter seasons. They're not very nice seasons of the year. We'll be so happy when spring finally comes.