Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My husband is going to have a throat surgery

Mu husband went to Carle clinic yesterday and he said they're going to do a surgery in his throat. But it's not scheduled yet according to my husband they're going to call him after ten days to schedule the surgery for his throat. Also he has surgery appointment for his eye and under his eyes. Boy, it scares me to think about all the surgery he is going to face. I told him that you don't need to have eye surgery either under your eyes because your eye and under your eyes are look ok. But, he said no I want to have a surgery because I want to look younger so that I can find a young girl lol. He teased me for saying that but the truth is he wants to have a surgery because he wants to find a better job. He wants himself to look good and younger so that he will be easy to be accepted when he applies for job. So, I said ok it's up to you but I'm scared for you to have all that surgery. But, if you want it go ahead I won't stop you. Anyway, yesterday I went to Carle Clinic too to have my second Proviera shot not sure the spelling. My it wasn't good or sweet it was painful because they stuck the needle in my butt lol. In fact, it's still painful until now but I'm fine I'm sure it will go away soon. Take care and thanks for visiting ym blog.


Fandhie said...

hope your husband will pass through the surgery very well...