Friday, April 18, 2008

My grand father have damage in his one ear and he can't hear very well now. If you don't talk loud or shout to him he can't hear you. In fact, he has trouble understanding me sometimes because I have a small voice and I usually don't talk loud unless if I'm angry lol. Besides my English is still not very good so I think that's one of the reasons too why he can't understand me sometimes.
My grand father have a cellphone and he usually put his cellphone in his t-shirt pocket or pants pocket when he goes to work. One time when he came home from work our telephone rang, and he was waiting for me to answer the phone LOL. He didn't know or hear that it was his cellphone ringing inside his pocket hahaha. I have to tell him that it was his cellphone ringing in order for him to pick up and answer his cellphone lol. I think it was so funny that he thought it was our telephone ringing even it was his cellphone ringing inside his pocket hahaha.
Anyway, if there's any voicemail I always read or listen to it but if it's for my grand father I usually don't tell him what it says. I often ask him to listen to it and if he can't understand what it says. My husband will listen and tell him about it. If not I just write it down and let him read it.
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