Friday, April 11, 2008

Mother's Day is all about for Moms

For me mother’s day is all about for moms. This is the day that you can make them feel special. You can give them some lovely gifts or you can do all the house chores and cooking during that day to make them special. Moms 100% would like that. My plans usually just simple. Since my mom is too far away from where we live. I'm thinking to just buy her a necklace or maybe make a frame, with her grand daughter picture and grand son picture in it. Then send it to her by mail I'm sure my mom will like it so much. She miss us and we miss her and my she's very excited to see her two grand children in person. But, since we're not going to take a vacation in Philippines this year. She just have to wait and look at her grand children in the picture. I love my mother and I know she loves me too as much as I do. I like to spend time with her this Mother's Day but I can't. So, I'll just send her my love by sending her a beautiful necklace and some picture's of her grand children, us and Mother's Day greetings.
I am so glad and surprised when I found the website 1800 this website is the definitive source for short or long distance Mothers’ Day greetings. So, if you guys too want to send Mother's Day greetings to your mom visit their site here, and hey you can also join to their exciting "Celebrate Mom For Who She Is Contest". Just tell them why and what kind of Mom she is for a chance to win over $30,000 in prizes! In their website select the category below that best describes your Mom then upload a photo or video along with your story. Be sure to make it touching, make it funny, make it unforgettable just make it about Mom!
On April 21st, they'll select the finalists in each category, and starting the next day, the public's votes will determine the grand prize winners, to be announced on May 9th. There's over $30,000 in prizes waiting to be awarded, so enter today and celebrate your Mom! In addition, your submission automatically enters you into a special sweepstakes with over 100 more terrific prizes! So, join now..