Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'm Finally Done

Glad I finally got done with my online activities. Then I already put my kids in bed. They're all sleeping now except me hehe. They go to bed early not like me I'm always staying up at night. I have a lot of activities almost everyday and I could not do them or finish them anytime. I want to because there's always something stopping me from doing/finishing my works. Just imagine I'm taking care of my two kids one is more than 21 years old and the one is more than 6 months old now. See, if you won't be very busy everyday having 2 kids on that close and young age to taking care of. I just could have a break if they're both sleeping but not a lot because I'm watching PPP to everyday. So, it keeps me very busy everyday to taking care of my two kids, watching PPP and doing my house chores. But, it's ok I could do it, I'll survive I know it will get easier once they becomes big. Ok guys, till next time. Good night and thanks for stopping by.