Thursday, April 17, 2008

North Idaho Rebates

As what I have said before we're going to sell our house after we get done remodelling it. Maybe two or three years from now our house will be done and ready to sell. I am so glad I found a website that seems very good and helpful to all buyers and sellers of a house or a land. This website called they have the North Idaho Rebate Team that is Offering Rebates on real estate transactions up to $10,000 for buyers and sellers. Their goal is give back to buyers, the company that licenses the program is Cash Rewards Inc and they have been in business for over 10 years now, their goal is to let buyers know that their program works and that they can take advantage of the rebate without accepting a lower quality of service as they are a full service firm, it is important that buyers know that they can pay them a rebate up to $10,000 regardless of who the home is listed with so long as they retain us to represent them as buyer agent in the transaction. The second wave of this program is to allow people who are selling their home to know that they will pay them a $3,000 rebate at closing and $10,000 rebate at closing if they don't sell their home in 65 days, they want the seller to feel empowered and confident that they are hiring a firm that will work for them and will be held accountable.
I think its a great program and wish other Realtors used it too. I have checked into the program and have found everything disclosed in the program to be true, legal and accurate. It's kind of interesting program they got and we're thinking of joining it so that we can get North Idaho Rebates too when we sell our house. Anyway, the details about their program can be found at Then the details about cash rewards can be found at So, if you're interested about it check it out also the