Monday, April 14, 2008

White Finger

My husband had trouble with his one hand before because it was feeling kind of a numb so he decided to have it surgery. Thankfully after he had his hand surgery and after it healed he could not feel the numb anymore. We were so happy that his hand went back to normal. Not only that his hand went back to normal but he also got a compensation from it. It was a very good thing that they gave us money from his hand surgery. They gave us about $5,000 not very much but at least they gave us a free money. It was very helpful for us and for our expenses.
Have you ever heard about white finger and raynuads disease? I think these kind of disease are very bad. I had a classmate before that I think she had a white finger. Every time I see her finger everyday it seems like there was a worm eating her finger. It slowly getting small and short I haven't seen her for a long time now so I'm not sure what happened to her white finger exactly. But I bet it was painful and uncomfortable feeling for her. I've never heard about raynuads disease before but I think all disease is bad. Then maybe it feels kind of a Tingling, Pins & Needles, Coldness, and Numbness. Bad and uncomfortable feelings but hey to solve that problem you better go to the doctor and have it surgery. That way you can get compensation from it. Isn't it good to have a compensation or free money after you have a surgery? I bet you'll like it and if you need help to get a compensation from your surgery visit the site This site is willing to help you anytime and all the time. They have all the information you may need too so check them out now.