Monday, April 21, 2008

It Was a Nice Day

Today was a nice day and yeah we three went outside. We took a short a walk and I let Sarah played with her little car. Glad we went out because it was so very nice and warm outside we enjoyed it. Especially Sarah she enjoyed a lot playing with her little car. Every time I or her grandpa take her outside she always takes a ride with her little car. She likes it because she could drive it around just like a real car. It has steering wheel that she could turn like she's driving and she could just push it around using her feet and it will run just like a real car lol.

Anyway, these are what we ate last night. Bangus fish and sausage pizza. My husband and Sarah ate most of the pizza. I ate pizza too but just one piece. The fish isn't cook yet I just took a pic of it while it's raw. Sarah doesn't seem to like the fish after I cooked it, so I'm the one who's eating it hehe. Well, that's ok it's good I like it.