Sunday, April 06, 2008

We're back to normal

My husband and I are back to normal now. He talked to me yesterday after he went shopping in the afternoon. Gezz the first thing he handed me when he got home from shopping was the chinese food lol. He said I bought you a chinese food and I said ok I didn't say thank you. I just said thank you to him after I ate it hehehe. Anyway, glad we're back to normal now and hopefully it won't happen again that will have an argument.


balidreamhome said...

I am sure every couple has their own hard time and some of it are really hard until both of them thought there is not posible to talk about it and some of them are prefer to talk about it and solve it...
I've been in that situation myself many times but that's part of building up relationship, as surely we're both meet each other when we are adult and have our own ego and character, combining is not an easy task!! Glad to know finally you both manage to be back to 'normal' again without sacrificing more plates :-) cheers