Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Like Turtle

I like turtle but I don't eat turtle. I just want to care and play with them. On our farm in Philippines there's a lot of turtles. Sometimes I found them on a dry land but mostly in our rice field where there's water flowing in it. When I see turtle/ turtles in our rice field I just pick them up. Take them home and put them in the big bucket with water and food. I didn't know what the turtles food so I just fed the turtles rice lol. The turtles ate it without any complain or murmur of course because they can't talk hahaha. My one uncle tried to eat turtle what he did he grilled it after it cooked he broke the shell, cut off the head of turtle and threw it away. I think he ate everything except the head and shell of course. He said turtle is fat and it's good to eat. But, I never eat turtle I feel mercy to them because they're good animals they never hurt anybody or even plants. For me no reason to hurt or kill them because they're good animals and they're living creatures too. What do you think?