Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Brushing baby's teeth

Brushing baby's teeth is uneasy. I always have a hard time brushing Sarah's teeth because she's fighting on me. She doesn't like her teeth to be brush. Gosh, there's no time i brush her teeth that she won't fight on me. Not only fight but she cries too. She's fighting and crying every time i brush her teeth. Maybe it's painful for her or she just don't like her teeth to be brush. I don't know because i don't brush her teeth hard. I tried brushing her teeth slow so that i won't hurt her but still she doesn't like her teeth to be brush and she'll fight on me. On that case i have trouble brushing her teeth very well because i need to hold her two hands, head and lips while i brush her teeth. Hopefully soon she'll learn not to cry and fight on me when i brush her teeth because what im doing is for her goodness. Anyway, she's going to 17 months old this Nov.20th and as well she's learning how to talk now. In fact, she already learned a few words like oo, ee, b,c,d,e Mama, Ma, Papa, Dada, Daddy, hi, and bye. Maybe soon she'll be talking like us and that's nice. We're so very excited that time will come. Till next time guys. Thanks for stopping by.