Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have canon digital camera

Digital camera is a nice camera. In fact, I have one named digital canon camera it's power shot a520, canon zoom lens 4x, and it's 4.0 mega pixels. My husband gave me it to me on December 25th, 2006. It was one of his christmas gifts for me last year. My I am so happy and thankful to him for giving me this such pretty camera. Oh I love it so much because it's a nice kind of camera it's taking good pictures, then you can use zoom in or zoom out too when you take pictures and not only that the best thing is because you can erase the pictures you took if you don't like it. So how cool is that? Then after you erase the pictures you don't like you can take some more pictures again. It has no limit if how many pictures you need to take because it has no use of film. On digital camera you can take pictures as much as you want. It's unlimited camera of taking pictures all you need to do is change he batteries if it's old. That's all no need to change film or anything just the batteries. You know I can't think of any camera to buy because I already got the best digital canon camera. Which I love so much devotedly and don't want to change it hehe. Talking about camcorder I just bought one. it's a sony hard disk drive camcorder, 40x optical zoom, up to twenty hours recording, and 30 gb handy cam. It's a nice camcorder we like it. I know I already have a camera but I did buy camcorder because I want to make a movies on our kids and share it to my family in Philippines and to my sister in Michigan. Anyway, if there's anybody who would like to buy digital camera or Nikon D3 camera check out their website here. For more information and details.