Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sports Web Site

Oddsbreackers is a next generation web 2.0 Social Network for sports enthusiasts. Members can post, share, buy, and sell sports picks for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAB, and NCAAF as well as win monthly and seasonal cash and prizes.

Member features include the ability to post picks, set a target price for the pick and then share in the revenue generated by that pick. Users are tracked on their win/loss percentage and win cash and prizes based on their rankings. provides users with easy to use handicapping tools on all 6 major sports and allow users to interact with each other and share sports information in a group environment. You can do "sports picks", "handicappers", "football picks", "basketball picks" , and "handicapping". Just check out there web site if you like sports at and start having fun with all your friends. Like lots of men my husband loves sports and he love football most of all so I am going to tell him about this web page so he can check it out and start having fun with his friends in line. So if you like sports or like my husband maybe you know someone who does then just try this site or tell someone else to check it out.