Sunday, November 25, 2007

Busy cleaning the house

Today is our cleaning day because last few days ago we've been roaming around a lot. We've been shopping and we've been visiting a lot of land and house's to buy. We're planning to move and we're planning to buy a house or either some land and build. If we can find a good deal on a house we might buy a house but if not we might buy just land and build a house. My husband and my father in law know about how to build a house so it's good. But it doesn't mean only my father in law and my husband will build our house if we decide to buy land and build a house. Of course we'll hire some other people to help us to make the work fast and easy. Anyway, I am glad my husband did some of the cleaning today that way I won't have much of cleaning to do tomorrow. I am so thankful to him because he's so helpful to me. In fact I can hardly have time to clean our house now. Glad he's helping me everytime he has day off from work. Ok guys, this is it for now. Thanks for coming and have nice sunday!