Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Good night guys and good morning for tomorrow hehe.....Anyway, about the results of our Doctors appointment on friday. It went well everything is good unless Sarah lost 2onz but the doctora said she's fine as long as she won't keep loosing weight. She also said that the babies eat a lot for the first time and they're getting picky after a while. And that's what Sarah she's getting picky now and I noticed that because every time I feed her she won't eat a lot but just a small amount. I always try to feed her some but she shakes her head and walk or run away from me lol. Sometimes I even chase her and feed her but if she doesn't wanna eat I can't force her. Also she's always very busy playing every day running, and walking around the house and maybe that's one of the reason too why she lost 2 onz. Anyway, nothing to worry about Sarah she's fine and also Aaron. Aaron gained 3 onz as well and that's good glad he gained weight because in fact I don't have much milk in my breast. Not like before when I was breast feeding with Sarah I had plenty of milk. In fact, I always pumped them before with my breast pump just to make them soft. Sarah couldn't empty my breast most of the time because they were always full of milk and it hurt if it's too full of milk. Too bad this time I don't have much milk in my breast for Aaron it's maybe because I don't drink milk a lot and no plenty of rest. My body is always tired and I'm always lack of sleep. But thankfully Aaron gained some weight because I use formula too for supplement. Sarah couldn't gain weight but hopefully she'll be fine. Hope she can gain some weight next time we go to the doctor this 1st week of January. Ok guys, till here na muna night-night!