Friday, November 02, 2007

Save money when you shop for holidays

Holidays are just around the corner and I have so so many plans for it. Lots of shopping to do and etch. I would like to give gifts to all my nieces and nephew. My sister in law, my father in law, my husband especially my two gorgeous kids. I'd like them to have some beautiful gifts from me this coming christmas. I can't tell what gifts I want to buy for them because I want to surprise them all hehe. Anyway, I found a website that has lots of major retailers offering money saving coupons, and all you have to do is find your favorite stores and the pomo codes for your coupons. It's easy and it helps you save money when you shop this coming holidays. In fact, I'm going to use this promo codes for my coupons at Best Buy and Old Navy when I shop for my camcorder and gifts for my family, sister in law and her kids. My she has five kids but the one is already married and she's with her husband they live somewhere that away from us. Now, only four kids my sister in law has that are single. Oh gosh, I have some people to give gifts this holidays and I'm sure I need more money to spend to buy their gifts hahaha. It's ok though I'd like them to have something from me and I'd like them to be happy this coming holidays. It only happens once a year and we should celebrate it good if we can. For you guys, who are planning to shop more this coming holidays you might check their website here for some promo codes and coupons to use.