Saturday, November 10, 2007

I took pictures of my camcorder again..




The back of my camcorder


Hi guys, I took pictures of my camcorder again because the first one I posted wasn't so nice to look at and it wasn't complete. But, this is so complete i showed the back of my camcorder, the front, lens, battery and camera. Anyway, i thought my camcorder has no details but i was wrong cause it has hehe. I just discovered it tonight when i was looking at the front of my camcorder LOL. It's Sony hard disk drive camcorder, 40x optical zoom, up to 20 hours recording, 30gb handycam. It has 1 year warranty and 30 days to try it so in case we don't like it we can send it back to them and change it. We will try to take pictures first and watch it on TV or computer and if it doesn't take a good pictures we might send it back. If it will take a nice pictures we might keep it because it's a nice camcorder and we like it. You know what? I bought this camcorder by myself from my money on PPP hehe. I am glad i am doing PPP and earning a little money from them also from the other websites. But the money that i bought camcorder is mostly from PPP and i am so very thankful to them because of them i have camcorder now hahaha...Ok guys, i won't make it long bye-bye for now. Thanks for stopping by. goodnight!


recel said...

oh wow!!! sarap naman Nor.. naka-camcorder na jud ka ba? hmm... unsa bala ani nor? dvd camcorder ni o dvcam? ako pud, dvd camcorder ako target sa ako earnings sa ppp unta.. but i made it as pang-tuition sa sisterette sa pinas oi.. wa pa lagi koy nakita. duh... maypa ka dah! hehe... good job nor! very nice...