Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Want to join contest?

Are you guys fond of contest? I found a cool website where you can join. This website is called Social Media, Social Networking. And they have contest about EarthFrisk Cash & Prizes Contest. It's very cool because Largest Network Of Friends/Members. First Prize is $2,000 Dollars U.S. 2nd Place: $750 Cash plus 3 months of Virtual Office Services. Frisks/Submission King or Queen. 1st Place - $500 Cash and 2 months of Virtual Office Services with all features in the Basic office service of Successful to use as you please, or give away. 2nd Place - $250 Cash and 1 month Free V.O. Service. and Comment Queen/King. First Place - $500 plus 1 month of Basic office service complete! So for those who would like to join their contest you must join as soon as you can because their Contest Ends on Monday November 19th, 2007 at 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time. Their site is very cool, and for those who have some time, just within 2 weeks you can make great money as well as get real services from their call center company that can help any business succeed, all for free. So join now here's the link contest php just click it.


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