Sunday, November 25, 2007

Planning to have high speed

Our computer connection is dial up and it's really slow. We hate it and we're looking for high speed like DSL or cable internet connection. That way I won't have any trouble downloading our pictures, checking my e-mail and some other things. When we have high speed connection. Oh! I'll be glad if we can get one soon. Anyway, I am glad I found this website that provides information on internet service providers, including DSL, cable, dial up, wireless and satellite. It also has information on VOIP phone services. There are helpful articles too with tips on how to find an internet service provider, and how to cancel an account with an ISP. There are also articles on how to speed up your computer, protect yourself from spam and viruses, and how to secure a wireless network. There is also a brief history of the Internet. Wow! it's wonderful we really need some information about how to speed up our computer, protect ourselves and computer from spam and viruses. We have so many things or questions in our mind that needs to be answer and I'm very glad I found this website that seems can answer all our questions. And for those who are looking for computer connection too like DSL Service Providers, or Cable Internet. Visit their website here and try their services. We'll let see if dial up, DSL, satellite, wireless or cable Internet service is best for you.