Sunday, November 04, 2007

We bought my camcorder online

We have been surfing the web a lot today and finally found the one camcorder i like yahoooo!. It's hard drive camcorder it's gray color, and it's nice and easy to use. We ordered it today but i don't how long it takes to come to me. Anyway, it worth more than $500 dollars. They have some choices with their camcorders and prices but this is what we picked the hard drive camcorder that worth more than $500. It's not very expensive and it's not high definition but we like it. It's nice and easy to use according to the guy my husband have spoken on the phone. I hope we won't have any troubles learning how to use my camcorder because you know technologies are all modern now and perhaps it's hard to learn how to use it. That's why we asked two guys from different store yesterday to teach us how to use the camcorder but my they charge $60 for 1 hour teaching and that's high the other guy charge $30 for half hour..Isn't that terrible? We thought it's free but it's not . They won't teach for free even if we buy the camcorder from them. So, that's why we decided yesterday to buy the camcorder online and we did. We ordered it today and im so very happy excited and excited to have it soon. So, that we can video our babies and share it to our family and sister. Oh! how nice and this money i bought camcorder is came from my PPP money hehe. Thanks PPP for letting me earn money from you. Your so good and kind.