Friday, November 16, 2007

Educational gifts

Plasma disks and produce lighting effects by carefully combining a mixture of specialized gasses. These gasses control the color and effect of the electrical discharge of the plasma effect. By creating a special formulated mixture of argon, krypton, xenon, helium, neon and other inert gases, the effect of a plasma globe is created. This is then sealed typically in a solid clear glass globe. A high voltage and very high frequency power supply provides an energy field causing the gases to light up around the power source. This is very similar to the phenomena known as the northern lights or the aurora borealis that can be seen from earth. Commercially manufactured Plasma balls are made from a hand blown glass globe. This globe is then filled with a special mixture of inert gases that produce the color effect of plasma lightning when a high voltage electrical current is applied. At the center of a plasma globe there is an electrode that distributes the current and created ionization of the gas contained within the globe. The beams of current or ionized gasses form patterns that start out on the sides and move upwards. Plasma is considered to be a distinct state of matter (often referred to as the 4th state of matter), apart from gases, because of its unique properties. Be running your finger along the globe you are in essence altering the electrical field. The glass is a natural insulator that protects objects outside the glass orb, so they are safe to operate and very entertaining. Anyway, they created CoolStuffExpress to enable consumer access to the same quality products like Plasma Disks and Globes, space themed d├ęcor lighting, Giant Microbes, Aero grow AeroGarden hydroponics, educational gifts, science kits, gadgets, and Hourglasses.