Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My birthday was yesterday

Hello everyone, sorry for not updating my blog for a few days because our computer have not been working very well. My husband took our computer to the internet place and have it fix. Thankfully it didn't take a long time for them fixing it. We got it back yesterday night. But yesterday was my birthday and we went out to shop and eat dinner at Chinese Restaurant. Anyway, I had lot's of fun, gifts and most of all love from my family, kids, sister Ana and of course from my husband Roger. My husband bought me a rice cooker, dinner and a nice cake on my birthday. My father in law gave me a $100 together with the birthday card. Well, I thanked them very much for their being good, and thoughtful to me. Most of all I thanked God that I'm still a live on this age and for all the things and blessings he gave to me and my family. God is so good and perfect he made our life happy and complete. I thanked him so much for that. Anyway, these are the pictures we took on my birthday.