Sunday, November 04, 2007

I woke up early today

I woke up early today and log on the computer because Aaron woke me up and I couldn't sleep back. I breast feeding him and after feeding him he fell back to sleep so now he's in bed sleeping. But me i'm wide awake now and here playing on the computer and chatting to my mother. We're talking about how's my sisters, brothers, and relatives doing. Glad they're all doing well. Safe and happy except our grandma she's still sick and my uncles brought her in bayawan tonight to admit her in the hospital but according to my mother she feel better again when they arrived to our house in bayawan. So, they didn't admit her because she feel better now thanks glad to heart that. Our poor grandma wish I'll be there to help her. But, i can't and even though I'm not there to help her we have family and relatives who are taking of her. We just sending money to my family to help her needs and expense. We're trying to help our family and relatives as we can because i know how hard it is to live there. Lucky we're here to help them if they need. Anyway, it's 6:23am in the morning here already and i think I'd like to go back to bed try to sleep back and more if i can. So bye for now guys and good morning!!!


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