Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Do you want your skin to be more beautiful, clearest and flawless? Use BORBA because BORBA Nutraceuticals deliver valuable nutrients directly and efficiently to your skin from the inside. Rather than treating skin problems only on the surface as with other traditional skin care programs BORBA formulates delicious, convenient, and highly nutritious ingestibles that target the inner causes of skin complaints. BORBA is all about achieving total beauty inside out. When BORBA Nutraceuticals partner up with BORBA Cosmeceuticals your skin’s inner and outer needs get treated synergistically. Results from one enhance results from the other and vice versa. All are dermatologist tested and recommended. The Clarifying Discovery Kit is designed to specifically address complexion challenges with surface oil management, helping to balance the complexion so it becomes fresh, vibrant, refined and healthier looking. It actually helps skin to stay younger looking longer without stripping it or over drying it in any way. Their active Ingredients are formulas contain Grape Seed Extract and Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E to provide an extra layer of defense against free radical attack that can compromise your complexion. Black Walnut Extract helps detoxify skin of impurities, cleansing into every pore. Their products and awesome and effective so if you want to purchase one or more visit their website right now. Site visitors who spend $100 or more can get a $25 free gift; see details here: