Thursday, February 28, 2008

What a bad luck!

What a bad 95 bucks opp I grabbed on tuesday was rejected last night and they're requesting me not to resubmit it..I think they became angry with me because I copied part of what they said in their website and I didn't add to many of my own words but I was only trying to describe it the way they wanted. Hay! what a waste I feel so very bad and sad knowing my 95 bucks opp is completely rejected. I can't edit it and resubmit it to them because they told me not too. Oh..well nothing I can do now but just accept my big loss on PPP. I know I can't blame them and I know it was my fault why I didn't do it right. For 95 bucks opp I should do it very good but I didn't so look what's the result nothing instead I could have $95 for just one oops I got 0 waaaaaaaah kalagot ug kahilakon ko LOL. Anyway, even though I know it was my fault I am still so very upset about it. Imagine I just lost $95. But hopefully I could grab big oops again and I'll try my best to write my own opinion and do it right. That way I won't lose anymore money hopefully. Ikatawa lang ang problema ah because if we always grouchy and never smile even a few times a day we are fast to become old lolz. That's just a saying but I believed it don't you?


Anonymous said...

hi nors you mean u cannot add my link? hmmm dont know too, thats why i tried finding my name but none, anyway maybe another friend of your can explained it, hindi ko din alam eh, anyway i lost one ops yesterday although not that big but it makes me upset, it is due to my procastinating, thats why now at 3am here in phils im doing some of my pending opps,

I will be upset if i lost that 95 dollars wow. how come they dont like for resubmission, hay maybe theyre really expecting bec its way over, hope PPP can accept my blog in the future