Thursday, February 28, 2008

I grabbed this tag from Nancy. She's one of my new acquintance blogger who always visiting my new blog. I grabbed it because I thought it's a good thing to do...Question and answer.

1. Today I feel very--- Bad and sad!
2. I enjoy --- blogging but I'm so very upset today for something.
3. I am unhappy when --- someone's hurt.
4. I feel good when --- I know everyone I care about are safe and sound...
5. I wish my boss --- (who is GOD) will answer all my dreams and prayers.
6. My officemates think --nothing because I'm not working but just staying home
7. My work area is --- home.
8. I enjoy reading about --- anything interesting.
9. I like myself best when --- I know I did something worthwhile.
10. If I had a choice I would --- make things happen accordingly.
11. I wish --- I am good in speaking English so that I could manage everything I'm doing online .
12. Tomorrow I would like to --- finish all my works inside the house before the weekend comes because I don't want my husband to do any work during the weekend. Weekend is his time to rest, relax, and enjoy.