Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Glitter Graphics

Good Morning Glitter Graphics

Everyone, how's your tuesday going? Me I just woke up not long ago..I was so sleepy and wanted to sleep for a little longer. But I couldn't because Aaron didn't let me he woke up early making a lot of noises and after a while he cried. So I got up and picked him up but then he stopped crying after I picked him up hehehe. My his spoiled little boy he always wants to be hold sometimes he don't even want to give me a break lol. Everything in my life really changed when I got married and have babies. Now my life is always very busy about anything and Im stocked at home. But I'm happy and I like my life now because it's comfortable compared than before and I have a good wonderful husband and two beautiful babies. I am so very proud to have them. Thanks for our almighty God for giving me a complete happy and healthy family. God is so good and powerful. So in case you need help don't hesitate to ask help from God. God would never neglect anybody and certainly I have problems or not I always pray to our almighty God. Anyway, I'm wishing the PPP will put some opps today because I got nothing yesterday. But I've done a lot of cleaning in our house yesterday. I did some dusting on our furnitures, vaccumed the floors and gave my two babies a bath and myself a shower. lolz. I feel so good now and happy that our house is all nice and clean and no more laundry to do because I already did all the laundry on weekend.