Monday, February 11, 2008

My gifts for them for Valentines

Sarah's teddy bear named princess

Aaron's Valentines I love you bear

Sarah & Aaron's clothes. Most of them are for Sarah

kisses milk chocolate for my husband

and valentines card

These are my gifts for my lovely kids and husband for valentines. I bought them on Saturday when we went shopping. That's why I couldn't have time to update my blog because I've been very busy shopping with my husband and kids. Yesterday I was busy too helping with my husband cleaning our house doing the laundry then I cooked dinner for three of us. I cooked dinner last night follow with their recipe book and I might post the picture of it later today. It was my first time to cook food follow with their recipe book and that was really good we liked it especially my husband. He said he wants me too cook ginger beef stir fry again for him sometime hahaha. I surprised he liked it because at first he doesn't like to try it but after he tried it he liked it, he ate some of it and took the rest to work lolz. Anyway. I just bought two things for my husband, two things for my kids and two slippers for me. That's it. I am glad I able to buy gifts for them because I like to give them gifts it makes me and them happy. Till next time guys. Happy Feb.11th.