Sunday, February 17, 2008

Looking for some vacation ideas?

Have you ever taken a vacation and then once you came home other people told you about all the fun stuff they did while they were there that you didn't know to try. We had our honeymoon in Dumaguete and Cebu Philippines and we had such a wonderful time but if we had known there was a lot of fun stuff we might have done while we were there. Thats why I want to tell you about this web site I found that will help you when your planning all your future vactions. Trusted Tours & Attractions can help you get the best vacation ideas and serve you as your personal travel guide. We are planning to take a trip to Chicago to meet my sister Gemma when she flies here with her husband from the Philippines. So I included a link to there web page for chicago.aspx but they have help for any vacation you want to plan so just check out there site at vacation ideas and get the most from your next vacation. My husband says were also going to be taking a trip to New york city soon and things to do in New york city tours we want is go skiing or in the summer maybe fishing and hiking. I want to look at there web site so I can tell him all the things to do that he might not know about so we can have the most fun on our vacation there. He lived in Colorado for six years but it has been several years ago so I want to be able to get new ideas for our vacation from Trusted Tours & Attractions.