Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My two new slippers

These are my two new slippers I bought from Walmart on Sunday. We went shopping on last weekend two times on Saturday and also on Sunday. On Saturday we did a lot of shopping shopping for groceries, clothes, valentines gifts,and we took a look at the Van that bought with my father in law. On Sunday we went to eat for breakfast at home town buffet and after that we went to Walmart and Sams Club to finish our shopping that we hadn't done on Saturday. I had lots of fun shopping on Saturday and going out to eat with my family on sunday. I liked it if we always go out together to eat and shopping. Anyway, the slipper color orange, with pink and blue is just for home slipper and the one color blue is maybe for go out. But not right now with this crazy cold weather maybe this summer. Oh.. I got a good deal for buying these two slippers because they were on sale the blue was only for $3 and the orange with pink and blue was almost $6. They're nice soft and perfect size for my feet especially this orange with pink and blue is very soft and nice to wear. I like it so much.