Friday, February 22, 2008


Yes it's friday my husband and I are happy because tomorrow is gonna be the weekend. I'm happy because I can go out tomorrow to go shopping and maybe go eat with my husband and kids. My husband is always happy every friday because he knows after friday is weekend, and that's his time to rest from whole week work. But, although that's the only time he can rest after all the hard work he did he also give me a chance to go out every weekend, because he knows I'm always home all the time and weekend is my only time and chance to go out and enjoy. We're opposite because he likes to stay home during the weekend and rest but I want go out go shopping and eat lol. We usually go eat every time we go out and I like it hehehe. Who wouldn't like it oi.

Did I tell you my husband is working two jobs? Yes he is working 2 jobs one is day time & one is night time. In the morning he work from 8:00 o'clock to 4:00 in the afternoon then he start to work in his 2nd job at 5:00pm until 1:00 in the morning. Gosh, that's too much for him and he's always tired every time he comes home. But he said he's doing it for me and kids. My he is a very industrious guy, good, loving, responsible, and sweet I love my husband so much and I am so very proud of him. Sometimes I feel bad for him for working too hard wish I can help him with his work. Anyway, I better stop here for now because this talk is getting long. Have a great friday guys!