Monday, February 04, 2008

*My baby boy & baby girl pictures*



These are my babies new photos. I just took it on friday. Time really flies so fast Sarah is 19 months old now and 15 days. She's a big girl now but I still call girl baby because I love too and I like to call her that way on her young age. Anyway, Aaron just turned 4 months old on Jan 19th but now he's 4 months old and 16 days. He's now trying to roll over and he's a strong little boy he could stand up with me holding him. He also a good looking boy of course he looks more like his Dad Sarah looks more like me but she still a good looking girl hehehe. For me they both good looking and perfect kids and I thanked God so much for giving them to me. I love them so much.

Ps. I already posted some of Sarah's pic's on my other blog but still want it to be posted here too. Hope you'll enjoy the pic's that's all I could share for now.


rich said...

hi nora.. i have 2 awards for you.. see ya