Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I had fun chatting with my mother

Yes I enjoyed chatting with my mother back home on the computer tonight. We talked about anything, about their situasyon, about my brother and sisters schooling. About my uncles, antis, relatives and etc. Glad I bought a computer when I was there and gave it to my mother when I left and came here in US. But they're all using it not only my mother but all of them. Especially my sister who just got married a few months ago she's the one who always using the computer most of time. My mother brother and sisters can hardly use the computer that's why sometimes they complain to her. I told my mother because I gave that computer to her to stop her from using the computer most of the time because that's not my her own computer but my mother's computer. Besides she's not the only one who wants to use the computer but all of them besides my father because he doesn't know how to use the comp or even type. Anyway, that problem about my sister using the computer most of the time and don't give them a chance to use it is now fixed, because I could chat to my mother, brother and siters a lot now. That sister of mine is so hard headed sometimes, she doesn't wanna obey what I or we say. In fact, I did slap her one time when I was still there in phil. because I couldn't stand with her mouth. She's very talkative and she talk a lot lol. But she's a little bit cry baby because even just a small fault between us she'll cry ug paapin dayon sa maong parents haha. Ako baba ushay di man mapugngan, kon ano ako gusto isulti isulti gid nako bahalag mangakig lol. It's so nice to talk but oops! it's getting late here now so I better say good bye for now. Good night guys.