Monday, February 11, 2008

Ginger-beef stir-fry

This is what I cooked for us for dinner last night. It's called ginger beef stir fry. We all liked it and my husband said he wants me to cook like this again sometime. I surprised he liked it because at first he doesn't want even to try it because when he asked me if it's good when I was eating it. I didn't give him my answer I waited for him to try it and say how bad my cook is lol. He said it was good he liked it and he took the rest of it to his work hehehe. Anyway, here's the recipe I used in case you want to cook it or know the recipe. I just scanned it because it's so much for me to copy. I hope you can just read it because the words looks so very small murag muta na kagagmay LOLz.

Oh gosh, it's unreadable recipe cause of the smallness words that written here but just click the recipe pic to make it bigger so that you can see and read it. If you wanna copy but if not you don't have to bother it.