Sunday, February 17, 2008 is a web site I found for people who love music. Show off your latest and greatest musical masterpiece in one of thier many competitions. The Chevrolet Song Search, Rhyme Time, Slash's Ultimate Guitar Showdown and Spin's Hot Pursuit, there's something for every style and genre. acts as the go between. Bands upload videos on YouTube and when people like them can check them out. The system re-directs viewers to wherever it is the band wants fans to find them most likely Myspace.

Fans can share their favorite band's videos too, all they have to do is paste the YouTube URL into the system and voila, its there for others to enjoy. Just dial up whatever it is you'd like to see (Rock, Rap, Country, Viral, etc.) and keeps feeding them to you till you say stop. If you like them, it shows them to more people, if you don't, it buries them forever. Bands that get a lot of play have a chance at getting signed by's partner EPIC RECORDS! What a great chance and a great web site if you love to play and listen to music like I do. Check them out and I hope you like this web site as much as I do.