Monday, February 18, 2008

We went to eat & shopping

Guava fruit

Toys I got these two toys from their machine for just 50 cents. It was my first time playing with their toy machine and I am very glad I was able to handle on how to play and got two toys for just 50 cents. Cheap isn't it?

Yesterday we went to eat breakfast at home towm buffet we liked going there every breakfast because they have good food. They also have my husband's favorite waffles, my husband likes waffles so much, that's why almost every weekend we go eat breakfast at home town buffet. Before we used to go to Ryans restaurant for breakfast but since one of their waiters became angry and complained when my husband asked him to cook waffles we stopped going there. It was maybe a little late for breakfast when we went there but even though he shouldn't complain if somebody ask him to cook or do something. If they want to have some people to go eat in their restaurant they should obey what their customer wants or order. Now they lost us as one one of their customers haha, and since the home town buffet has good waffles and other foods we liked we go there to eat almost every weekend now. Anyway, we went shopping at meijer store after we ate breakfast at home town. Guest what I found a guava fruit there at meijer I surprised when I found it because I thought there's no guava fruit here in US. My husband doesn't even know what guava is when I asked him lol. Glad I found guava at meijer store because I have been looking for it for a long time now. I tell you I miss everything in Phil. my family, relatives, friends, food and etc. I hope I can take a vacation there after few years from now. I also want my family and relatives back home to see my two adorable kids hehehe. They're all excited to see them in fact one of my sister asked me last night when we chat if when we are going to take a vacation in Phil. I said maybe after a few years and her face became looks sad when she heard that. Well, there's nothing I can do but just wait the right time to go there. My babies are small and too young yet and they can't recognize them if they meet. That's why I want them to be a little bigger before we take a vacation in phil. that way they can talk to them and recognize them when they meet in person.