Thursday, February 14, 2008

Garlic-beef stir fry

A bowl of garlic-beef stir fry for my husband. Since my husband liked the garlic-beef stir fry I cooked before, he asked me again to cook so I cooked him a lot to take to work with him. This garlic beef stir fry is what he always take to work sometimes the chili soup in can. Anyway, I cooked it differently than the first one I put mixed colors of pepper intead of just green pepper also I put so much mushrooms, and carrots in it. It turned out good still and we ate part of it. Next time I maybe try to cook something new the food that we haven't tried to cook and eat yet. Now that I cooked food follow with the recipe book it seems like I don't wanna cook food anymore without following the recipe. funny because before I didn't want to use recipe book when I cook cause I thought it's very complicated and I wasn't sure if I know how to cook follow with the recipe. But now that I tried using it I feel like it hehehe..well, in my own openion the food is more yummy if you follow the recipe but I think it's also depends on what kind of food.